Genuine Building services


Mintzer Building Co. offers management services across all types of residential building projects. Whether you are restoring an old craftsman house to its former beauty, renovating or extending your home to meet your changing family needs, building your dream home or completely redeveloping your property for investment purposes, we help ensure that your best interests are maintained from start to finish. We work in partnership with you the owner to shape, coordinate and manage top quality teams needed to achieve a successful project outcome. 

Choosing to manage your own home renovation, remodeling project or new build may seem like a good idea but it is a stressful experience. Some people really want to get their hands dirty and be intimately involved in the construction where others see it as a way to save money on the budget by removing a builder's profit margin and mark up on trades and suppliers. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that there are major financial and legal risks in accepting these responsibilities.

The process can be a complex mix of design and building constraints, planning, environmental approvals, legal and contractual issues, financial and time management. It involves a broad range of people, personalities and skills, from designers to tradespeople each bringing their own values and opinions as to what is best for the client. So before you commit to accepting these responsibilities, take some time to answer the following questions: Do you have any experience with the selection, coordination and supervision of trade contractors and suppliers? Do you have the available time in your schedule to dedicate to your project? Do you have an understanding of the construction sequencing of work? Are you methodical and organized? Can you read architectural drawings and specifications? Are you able to prepare and manage time schedules for the trade contractors? Are you a strong negotiator? Do you understand contract conditions? Do you have a high tolerance for stress? Are you prepared to take risks? If you have answered no to most of these questions, you either should not be considering taking on the role of managing your construction project or you require the services of a professional project manager. 

Keeping a project running smoothly on schedule and on budget requires significant time and project management skill and a clear vision to ensure the project meets the expectation of the client. We can provide you high level advice on an as needed basis throughout the process to providing you a full range of project management services for owners who do not have the experience and time to manage the project themselves.